JONATHAN MONK // 30th September 2011

Used Car (Toyota Corrolla 1.3 Terra 50 1998, DKK 41.000) (2011) Dark pink neon lettering Installation size: 32,5 x 38 x 5 cm Unique The concept of Jonathan Monk’s works is to consistently recast or extend conceptual art’s emblematic strategies over object making, dematerialization of the art object, and serialization. Thus, the artist challenges the … Continue reading

SUSAN ROTHENBERG // 28th September 2011

Susan Rothenberg Blue Flash, 2009 – 2010 oil on canvas 68 x 77 inches 172,8 x 195,6 cm SW 11227 For the tenth time, the Sperone Westwater Gallery in New York is presenting and exhibition dedicated to works by Susan Rothenberg – thirteen new paintings. Rothenberg The artist is following her perpetual quest, focusing on … Continue reading

VIDEO ART MANUAL // 26th September 2011

Israeli artist Keren Cytter explores stories of love, violence, sex, jealousy, betrayal and murder in her films, using a non-linear narrative where time overlaps and characters repeat lines, mutate and switch roles. The title of the exhibition – Video Art Manual – refers to Cytter’s newest work, a film in which the artist offers a … Continue reading

CORINNE DAY // 23rd September 2011

In the early 1990s, there was a magazine which would be very much missed a twenty years later. Its name The Face and among the many photographers working for it, Corinne Day. She died a few months ago and she will always be famous for having discovered many of the super top models. Such as … Continue reading

IN THE PIPELINE // 21st September 2011

In Austria, Das Park Hotel offer his guest very nice rooms built inside sewage pipe! Made of concrete, there are three huge drain pipes available to sleep in. Located in a public park in Ottensheim, an Austrain City. This brilliant concept is due to designer Andreas Strauss, who received “the light” in 2004. Originally opened … Continue reading

DELIGHTFULLY DISGUSTING // 19th September 2011

Repulsive and then immediately beautiful. Those two adjectives perfectly define Chen Chen’s products. Based in New York, the product designer diverts simple stuff, such as Budweiser cans or big rope to produce doubles of well known objects and things. Everything is clean, most of the time made in plastic but even though it all looks … Continue reading

ARTY SPORTY // 16th September 2011

Back in June, Wallpaper magazine presented the concepts and first steps of its collaborative project with sneakers brand Reebok. The idea was to merge down design, architecture and film with the help of some of Europe leading creatives. They had to start from Reebok’s design DNA to create artworks inspired by the brand’s ZigTech, Men’s … Continue reading

CONSPIRACY THEORY // 14th September 2011

Tamiya is known to a large number of collectors and modellers for its plastic figurines and resin kits. From Ferrari Modena small replica to 1/100 Space Shuttle Orbiter, the company has made its expertise in producing tiny imitation of every kind of collectible. Tamiya recently debuted a set of advertisements selling new products, conspiracies kits … Continue reading

PROJECT HERACLES // 12th September 2011

Gibraltar, a thin line – 14 kilometers – of water between Spain and Morocco, but a deep geopolitically issue, separating two major continents. From the many issues arouse by Gibraltar was born an imaginary infrastructure spanning the Strait, filling the gap and thus creating a strong connection between Europe and Africa. Named Project Heracles, the … Continue reading

ARTIST’S ISLAND // 9th September 2011

There’s a small island in Greece that acts as a floating retreat in the sun for artists, collectors, curators and all the art-world habitués. The name of this gem? Hydra. Spotted there, at the beginning of this summer: artists Brice Marden and Maurizio Cattelan, actress and art contemporary muse Chloë Sevigny. “Not to mention countless … Continue reading