JUNK EXPRESSION // 31st October 2011

Thomas Deininger was born in 1970 in Boston, MA. He lives and works in Bristol, Rhode Island. He is appraised today with a considerable attention by the contemporary art scene for his involvement as an artist and environmentalist. Known for his fine art installations made of junk, Deininger has designed museum scale installations then bought … Continue reading

RIDICOOL // 28th October 2011

This is what I call ridicool. These sculptures bring just the right amount of cool but also ridiculous look into art and design trend. Ridiculous, because the skulls keep a strange rictus, a tensed grimace more laughable than scary. And cool, because the volutes, the baroque look of those empty heads, is made to perfection, … Continue reading

DEAD ON ARRIVAL // 26th October 2011

Artist David Clarke – the most prominent British avant-garde figure in the subtile technique of silversmithing – has earned quite a reputation for creating very innovative ready-mades and object. Clarke last deeds involve taking antique solid silver treasures presserved by museums and messing around with them… in his own ways, which means he strips the … Continue reading

TRANSAMERICAN // 24th October 2011

Matthew Cusick‘s collage pieces intricately weave maps, and sometimes with the addition of paint, to create intense landscapes, depicting faces or everyday scenes. Quite an impressive work. “About nine years ago, frustrated with paint and brushes, I just started experimenting with some maps I had laying around the studio, the artist explained to blog My … Continue reading

SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL // 21st October 2011

When people think about street art, they always have in mind artists taking the opportunity to express a wide surface such as buildings nude walls or bridges. But even in the streets, there is beauty in small things, too. Even in tiny things. Slinkachu is well known for being the master of mini street art. … Continue reading

NEW PHOTOGRAPHY // 19th October 2011

For the 2011 edition of New Photography at Moma, organizers introduce the works of six artists – Moyra Davey, George Georgiou, Deana Lawson, Doug Rickard, Viviane Sassen, Zhang Dali – whose techniques and backgrounds draw the variety of actual photography. Moyra Davey (Canadian, born 1958) attended Montreal’s Concordia University and the University of California, San … Continue reading

INSIDE SCENT // 17th October 2011

Body, the new frontier for technological advancement? Amid growing rhetoric around this question, body architect Lucy McRae has joined force with Harvard biologist Sheref Mansy and together they created Swallowable Parfum. Your guess is right: this is a perfume that you eat – it takes the shape of a digestible scented capsule – then afterwards … Continue reading

I-ARCHITECTURE// 14th October 2011

Not any other object has had such an impact on the use of technologies in daily life and at work. The iPhone has now received its own tribute by means of an architectural monument, a Dutch office building that has the look and feel of the famous Apple smartphone. Called BAM-Huis, the building has an … Continue reading

NOTA BENE // 12th October 2011

Melissa is a Brazilian brand with many stores around the country that sells plastic shoewear for women. Recently, the brand made the buzz by decorating their flagship façade on Rua Oscar Freire in São Paulo with 500 000 post-it notes. Conceived by agency Casa Darwin with the help of 3M (a post-it brand), the entire … Continue reading

BURN BABY BURN // 10th October 2011

Those Russians, you can always count on them to make up some disturbing yet innovative art. Artist T-Radya draws flame kissed portrait by pasting bandages on wooden panels, then pelting canvasses with flaming molotov cocktails. The charred surfaces revealed once the fire burns out create the shades and outlines of well known soldiers faces. When … Continue reading