VIVA LAS VEGAS // 30th November 2011

There’s a striking postcard comeback nowadays. Not only one will find them in shops or tourist office, but more and more often in restaurants, bars and clubs. Why now? Maybe it’s the old-fashioned look and feel, the thick paper, the vintage picture and typo, the whole obsolete idea of taking a pen and writing to … Continue reading

CRAFTY SAVVY // 28th November 2011

You think crochet was only good for old grannies and pregnant women? How wrong you are! In the last few years, there’s a big trend going on with crochet, a return of hype for the art of the needle and for all things crafty in general. In fact, crochet is so hype right now that … Continue reading

MOUTHWATERING // 25th November 2011

Street food is a meal or drink sold in a street or other public place, such as a market or fair, by a vendor, often from a portable stall or a push cart or basket. They are quickly made, quickly eaten, cheap and easy to eat while walking… People tend to thin that street foods … Continue reading

PARADISE LOST // 23rd November 2011

Located in Maranhão state, in northeastern Brazil, the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park is an area of about 1000 square kilometers of white sands pierced at regular intervals by cool oases of turquoise lakes. It all looks like an archetypal desert but in fact it isn’t actually a desert. Lying outside the Amazon basin, the region … Continue reading

PAUL McCARTHY // 21st November 2011

Los Angeles-based Paul McCarthy is one of America’s most influential artists. Entitled The Dwarves, The Forests, the exhibition comprises bronzes, a tour de force wood carving, and a pair of landscape maquettes all presented on the gallery’s two floors and it is also the first exhibition of sculptures to emerge from McCarthy’s recent exploration of … Continue reading

JEFF BROUWS // 18th November 2011

Warren Buffett made headlines in late 2009 for investing in the railroad industry. A provocative move considering the general disappearance of trains from the national consciousness and landscape in general. Earlier that same year, Jeff Brouws started a body of work in which he investigates the forgotten legacy of the numerous competing railroads during the … Continue reading

PRISCILA DE CARVALHO // 16th November 2011

American but born in Brazil, artist Priscila De Carvalho works with painting, drawing, sculpture, site-specific and public art installations. She conceives dynamic architectural landscapes composed of paintings, drawings, collage, foam and wood. She focuses on the economic, social and political issues of uncontrolled urbanization of the slums dwellers, conveying the complexity, chaos, and paradoxes of … Continue reading

THE ART OF LANDSCAPE // 14th November 2011

New York based artist Kim Keever paints large-scale photographs that he create by meticuously photographing miniature topographies installed inside a large fish tank. Still, those pictures are based on traditional landscape paintings, only the process is not conventional at all. Keever at first sculpts tiny landscapes inside his tank and then filled it with water. … Continue reading

SKY AIN’T THE LIMIT // 11th November 2011

Burj al-Arab in Dubai is one of the fourth highest hotel in the world, well for the time being, I should add. From the top of it, you have an fantastic view on the desert and the city that emerged out of the sand. But this is not the only reason to lift up to … Continue reading

GAME ON // 9th November 2011

London based designer and illustrator, Aled Lewis brings his sense of humour in all his layouts and creations. Politically incorrect, sarcastic, Aled Lewis expresses himself in a wide variety of media, from prints to t-shirts. He has worked for many clients including GQ magazine or Reader’s Digest. In his personal works, he always takes a … Continue reading