WORLDMAKING // 16th December 2011

The collectif_fact is constituted by Annelore Schneider and Claude Piguet. They live and work in Geneva. Their exhibition at Centre d’Art Contemporain in Geneva explores the past ten years of their practice. Using an hybridization of the forms – from electronic arts to video but also photograph – the show entitled WORLDMAKING. A word that … Continue reading

ALL // 14th December 2011

Maurizio Cattelan has imagined some of the most memorable images in recent contemporary art. The ostrich with its head in the sand. A small Hitler praying. The Pope hit by a meteorite. Two policemen head over toes. And so many more. Ranging from popular culture, history, religion or meditation on the self, his works find … Continue reading

NORWEGIAN WOOD // 12th December 2011

In Norway, in Hjerkinn close to the Dovrefjell National Park and overlooking the Snøhetta mountain massif lies the Wild Reindeer Centre Pavilion designed by architects Snøhetta Oslo AS. Opened to the public, this 90m2 building is used as an observation pavilion for the Wild Reindeer Foundation educational programmes. Visitors arrive to the 1200 meters above … Continue reading

INSIDE AND OUTSIDE // 9th December 2011

This house designed by Luis Mira Architects is owned by a single lucky person who only uses it as a holiday home but often invites lucky guests to stay a while. The idea at first was to have a space that could convert into an opened studio or as multiple private and individual spaces in … Continue reading

ARCANGEL VS BISMUTH // 7th December 2011

Conceptualists Cory Arcangel and Pierre Bismuth remix and reverse emanations from contemporary mass media and pop culture in order to disorient the viewers. In their collaborative exhibition at Team Gallery in New York, each artist keeps his identity and present seven works. Three Bismuth pieces chosen by Arcangel and three Arcangel projects selected by Bismuth, … Continue reading

THE MICROBIAL HOME // 5th December 2011

Last October, during the 2011 edition of Dutch Design Week, Netherlands-based brand Philips has shown five prototypes for the Microbial Home, a group of design concepts representing an innovative and sustainable approach to energy, waste, lighting, food preservation and cleaning management. Part of the Philips Design Probes program which focuses on research in a wide … Continue reading

IKAT ATTACK // 2nd December 2011

Patterns: once in, then out. Fashion is always looking for new prints and patterns to make designs look fresh and new. After the return of Liberty-like flower, the tie-die hippie fading drawings or the fifties inspired polka dots, it is now high time for Ikat-like patterns to make their entrance into the world of ready-to-wear. … Continue reading