CRIME SCENE / 30th January 2012

As it is exhibited, one could almost think the giant human skeleton on display in the Museo Nazionale della Arti del XXI Secolo – MAXXI museum of Contemporary Art – in Rome is the evidence of an old time committed crime. Of course, it isn’t the case. The 28 meter long sculpture entitled Calamita Cosmica … Continue reading

LIGHTS IN THE DARK // 27th January 2012

The following program contains scenes of crude sexuality and should not be viewed by young children. A Japanese photographer whose blog is unfortunately only written in Japanese has captured these beautiful long exposure shots of gold fireflies in various locations around Maniwa and Okayama Prefecture in Japan between 2008-2011. Each year between June and July … Continue reading

UPSIDE DOWN // 25th January 2012

Philippe Ramette’s pieces of art challenge gravity. The works made by the French artist at first sight look like classic Photoshop, but once the viewer comes closer, a crowd of little incongruities slowly but surely insert doubts. “You see a tension in my hands, my red face is far from serene as the blood rushes … Continue reading

MATCH POINT // 23th January 2012

David Mach almost has a predetermined name. Almost. The Scottish sculptor and installation artist makes art by assembling common household objects. He uses newspapers, car tires, coat hangers but above all matchsticks. Temporary and constructed for public spaces, most of his installations look like obsessive collection of repetitive patterns. One of his early sculptures Adding … Continue reading

PICTURE PERFECT // 20th January 2012

Jonathan Leijonhufvud photographs architecture, interiors, engineering and spatial reproductions. Born in Sweden, raised in China, he works throughout Asia with offices in Bejing and Hong Kong. Among his many and famous clients: Adidas, Ikea, Motorola, Zaha Hadid Architects, Time Magazine, Vogue China or the Financial Times. On his website, there’s not much to learn about … Continue reading

ROLL THE DICE // 18th January 2012

During FIAC 2011, British artist Tony Cragg showed a few of his sculptures made with over a thousand dices. The result is awesome, dices giving to the final shape an incredible sense of smoothness. Born in Liverpool in 1949, Cragg has worked as a laboratory technician, then studied art on the foundation course at the … Continue reading

LET THERE BE LIGHT // 16th January 2012

For the 2011 International Science and Art Exhibition in Shanghai, Wonwei – a one of a kind hybrid structure focusing on art and design – and Shanghai-based design studio Super Nature Design collaborated on an interactive art installation named PRISMA 1666. Their work focuses on the properties of a prism light refraction by allowing the … Continue reading

ROBOT AFTER ALL // 13th January 2012

Most of the time when a new technological tool is offered to the public, users – willingly or not – find new ways to employs it. And it did happen again with Google Street View. A few creatives start taking pictures of the ones made by the company to create animation. One of those derived … Continue reading

MATT WISNIEWSKI // 11th January 2012

A lot of artists believe in Tumblr – the image-based blogging platform – as the future of art. And we have to say that each time you flip through those virtual sketchbooks disposed by so many creative minds we have to admit that this may be so… Matt Wisniewski – a smart developer based in … Continue reading

JIM CAMPBELL // 9th January 2012

[youtube:””%5D Artist Jim Campbell‘s leitmotiv is the following one: “The biggest challenge … working with technology and art is to transcend the medium … and to have some sort of humanist side to the work.” Born in Chicago, Jim Campbell now lives and works in San Francisco. He holds degrees in mathematics and engineering from … Continue reading