GLASS CEILING // 30th March 2012

China is big. In size, in population and economically speaking. China love heights, and is not afraid to walk straight on a empty and dizzy space. At the very top of Shanghai bottle-opener, on the very last storey, the floor is partially made of glass. When you walk there, you city the amazing city streets, … Continue reading

LEGO INKED // 28th March 2012

GREY advertising agency – the one based in Barcelona – came up with some very good and striking idea. To demonstrate the capabilities of Pilot extra fine pens, the agency inked six LEGO minifigures with detailed full body tattoos. Those innovative pens are equipped with 0.25mm tips that allow micro fine and ultra fine writing. … Continue reading

TUXEDOMOON // 26th March 2012

Using the moon as an accessory for cool pictures has always been tempting. Laurent Laveder, a French photographer, took it to the word and created a photographic series in which the moon plays the first character. The result is poetic and very calming. He took him 4 years and six excursions to achieve these lunar … Continue reading

HANDWASH // 23rd March 2012

The Villa Escudero Resort of San Pablo City in the Philippines offers a one of a kind experience. The guests have the unique opportunity to get up close and personal with a strong and roaring waterfall while having dinner. The resort has built and located a restaurant at the foot of the Labasin Falls. There, … Continue reading

HAPPY FACE II // 21st March 2012

Being a Fashion photographer should be cool. I mean, going to sunny destinations while it’s winter time to shoot girls in bathing suit, for most of the people it surely looks a lot like paradise on earth. But, not all Fashion photographers have that kind of luck. Sometimes they just have to obey a very … Continue reading

YABBA DABBA DOO // 19th March 2012

There’s no fun growing old. But some people age better than the other and this is not only a question of genes or health. It’s a question of spirit. When a lot of people misunderstand getting old with getting serious or getting grey (I’m not talking about the hair) other get back to their childhood, … Continue reading

GOLDEN BOY // 16th March 2012

A new artwork by Danish artists based in Berlin Elmgreen & Dragset was unveiled on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square at the end of February. The 4m-high bronze boy on a rocking horse wittily contrasts with the statue of King George IV on the opposite plinth. “We were chosen because so much of our … Continue reading

A PIECE OF AMERICANA // 14th March 2012

American artist based in South Florida but born in Minnesota, Duane Hanson was very well known for his works depicting almost real sculptures of people. Hanson started his lifelike pieces in the early 1970’s through a complex process of casting live models and then recreating them in bronze or fibreglass resin. Figures grouped in tableaux … Continue reading

CATCH OF THE DAY // 12th March 2012

There’s a trend that is about to buzz hard on social platforms: miniature-based video on sustainable food practices. You’ve maybe seen this video made by Chipotle restaurant brand. And now, have a look at this one. Made with “100% handcrafted” miniatures, it shows how wrong the world’s fisheries go and addresses what new standards might … Continue reading


I know, it’s almost spring and the last thing you want to hear about is snow. Well maybe the following pictures will make you change your mind. Simon Beck is not your typical Land Art artist. He uses snow to create amazing pieces of art. And to achieve those patterns he just walks, he strolls … Continue reading