DAMIEN HIRST // 29th June 2012

This is the first substantial survey of Damien Hirst’s work in a British Museum. Sponsored by the Qatar Museums Authority and part of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad, the Retrospective celebrates one of the major living artist of the Contemporary scene. Damien Hirst first came to public attention in 1988 when he conceived and curated … Continue reading

I BELIEVE I CAN FLY // 27th June 2012

If only they could fly… Remember the good times when you were so bored during class that you would build paper planes? Well, you know the thing with old habits… Some people just don’t know how to get rid of them. And it seems they have big kids at PIMA air and space Museum. A … Continue reading

PULL UP TO THE BUMPER // 25th June 2012

The first time it was unveiled was at Geneva Motor Show, back in March 2012. Developed by French designer Philippe Stark and electric vehicle manufacturer Volteis, the V+ volteis is an electric car concept that follows the “less and more” design philosophy. Composed almost entirely of aluminum, the 1600-pound car comes with a full windshield, … Continue reading

PIXELATION // 22nd June 2012

Based in Hong-Kong, Practice One Plus Partnership (aka Ajax Law Ling Kit, Virginia Lung) has designed the Wuhan Pixel Box Cinema, a multiplex theatre in Wuhan, China. The concept of it: to take the pixel as the basis of the design. By creating a visually-arresting motif out of the square-shaped units, the project tries to … Continue reading

ENCHANTED WOOD // 20th June 2012

About 30 minutes by train from Kyoto in Japan, the Sagano Bamboo Forest covers an area of 16 square kilometers. The thick alignment of bamboo sticks gives to the place a very special appeal, a natural beauty that is not only visual but also musical: the sound the wind makes as it blows through the … Continue reading

COOL BEERS // 18th June 2012

Mid-june. This is high time to acquire some stuff to keep beers cold during the hotter days that are surely about to rise. Here’s a classy selection of a few devices every gentleman should get or at least consider buying very soon. If you are living the champagne and top-hat lifestyle you always been dreaming … Continue reading

I ROBOT // 15th June 2012

During ten years, Chinese artist Zhu Kefeng has been constructing giant robots out of scrap metal and recycled steel and iron, and with a little help from his friends. Six hundreds of his creations are now publicly viewable in the Mr. Iron Robot sculpture park officially opened on March 20th, 2012 in an old abandoned … Continue reading

IN THE POCKET // 13th June 2012

Designer David Suhami has developed a very special device that will remind every Helvetic lover a typically Swiss icon. The animal pocket knife was made during the workshop the designer gave at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Tel Aviv, Israel. The piece is only conceived to please the very simple adult pleasure of … Continue reading

A SENSE OF ESCAPE // 11th June 2012

“Is this how machines of the future are going to be? Will the machines of the future be able to live in symbiosis with living organisms?” This is the very starting point of Brazilian multimedia artist Ivan Henriques when he conceived Jurema action plant, a plant evolving with the reactive capacity that humans have in … Continue reading

ULTIMATE GUITAR // 8th June 2012

Japanese artist Yoshihiko Satoh turns musical instruments into cool and unusual sculptures. Among his most famous creations: his twelve necks electric guitars. But he doesn’t focus only on guitars. He also creates sculptures that are enlarged, multiplied versions of everyday mass-produced goods in order to “unleash the energy residing in their function and shape”. In … Continue reading