HUMAN NATURE // 31st July 2012

Born in 1977 in Norway, Rune Guneriussen made his education from Surrey Institute of Art & Design in England. He lives and works in eastern Norway for the time being and his specialty as an artist is to work between installation and photography. He primarily works site specific in nature and sometimes with manmade structures. … Continue reading

DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE // 26th July 2012

“My art is inspired by the death of the printed word, explains Arizona based artist Nick Georgiou. Books and newspapers are becoming artifacts of the 21st century. As a society we’re shifting away from print consumption and heading straight towards full digital lives. My sculptures are products of their environment — both literally and figuratively. … Continue reading

ROBOT AFTER ALL // 24th July 2012

“I disassemble typewriters and then reassemble them into full-scale, anatomically correct human figures, explains artist and designer Jeremy Mayer, who lives and works in Oakland, California. I do not solder, weld, or glue these assemblages together- the process is entirely cold assembly. I do not introduce any part to the assemblage that did not come … Continue reading

WHO’S WHO // 19th July 2012

Some famous people are easily identify thanks to very simple indications, detail etc. And of course, this is why you can play with these people, make the audience finds who you are referring to with very few words or simply with some gesture or props. Graphic designer Patricia Povoa has taken advantage of well know … Continue reading

LEE BROOM // 17th July 2012

Five years ago, when Lee Broom founded his company he didn’t think he was going to become one of Uk’s most famous and reknown interior and product designer.To date, he created more than 40 bar and restaurant interiors across the UK and won over 17 awards, with his work featuring in most major broadsheet and … Continue reading

KNEADED MEMORY // 12th July 2012

Portuguese artist Dalila Gonçalves has created an outdoor sculpture garden made with boulders having their surfaces partially covered with decorative Portugese azulejos tiles. Each patterned stone has been made so by the artist’s use of hand crafted tiles which typically adorn her home country’s vibrant façades while decorated in the style of Brussels’ Blankenberge region. … Continue reading

TRACE OF LIGHT // 10th July 2012

Eindhoven-based designers Gionata Gatto and Mike Thompson have created for Milan design fair 2012 outdoor lamps that are self-sufficient lighting units powered by solar energy. Entitled Trace the series continues the concept explored in their 2011 Trap light but this Trace light uses a more efficient shape and the material of polyurethane rubber to power … Continue reading

THE WIRE // 5th July 2012

Korean sculptor Seung Mo Park creates giant portraits using layers of wire mesh. Each work begins with a photograph which is superimposed over layers of wire with a projector. Then the artist uses a subtractive technique to slowly snip away areas of mesh. Each piece is several inches thick as each plane of the final … Continue reading

SUAVE GANGSTERISM // 2nd July 2012

Talking to me? Here’s how well dressed people start a fight. French knitwear brand Monsieur Lacenaire has made itself a name with clothes that look like average pieces but – to say the least – buyers and lovers know very well why these clothes are famous. Each piece has its very own twist. In the … Continue reading