BEAUTIFUL LINES // 30th August 2012

We love Marcio Kogan houses! One among many other realizations that really please us is the Studio SC. Designed Brazilian practice Studio MK27 (Marcio Kogan, Suzana Glogowski) has completed this free-standing food photography studio in São Paulo, Brazil. Set back longitudinally in order to accommodate a generous outdoor garden, the design utilizes a simple and … Continue reading

CRICKET GAMES // 28th August 2012

We, at Rj-timeout, believe that games and plays are not over once one has grown up. And among the many games, there’s Gates, an interior croquet game for adult players and created by Romain Lagrange. Composed of sycamore, maple, cork and leather, the set was realized with the help of craftsmen from France and Switzerland. … Continue reading

BEACH HOUSE // 23rd August 2012

Located on the famous Bondi Beach, the beach of Sydney, Australia, the Bondi House is due to Katon Redgen Mathieson an Australian practice. With its four levels, the house occupies a narrow infill site, and has been designed to maximise its’ compact 120m2 site and capitalise on views. Doted with an entry hall and two … Continue reading

FLAVA LAVA // 21st August 2012

This house is on fire. Or almost as it sits – with a separate studio – on a lava flow overlooking the ocean aroun Big Island in Hawaii. Lavaflow 1 – Robert Trickey House, that’s its name, is a creation of architecture studio Craig Steely . At night from the lanai, the red glow of … Continue reading

SUNDOWNERS // 16th August 2012

A beautiful and understated piece of bespoke and holistic architectural design, this private family residence has a modest entrance façade that gently invites guest and family members alike to come inside into a stunning pool area that shows slearly the U-shaped plan of the building. A shape that allows seclusion and views of the pool … Continue reading

CURIOSITAS // 14th August 2012

These lights act as small curiosity cabinets highlighting the beauty and strangeness of their subjects, being at the same time a piece of furniture and display windows. When it is turned off, the bulb and socket disappear beneath an opaque black tinted glass. When turned on, the bulb reveals itself behind a soft veil. The … Continue reading

CLOUDY // 9th August 2012

Axis Mundi, a New York City-based practice, has designed the Cloud house, a weekend residence installed on plateau in Lizard Head Pass, Colorado. Nestled within a grove of aspen trees, four pods are clustered side by side, oriented in different angles to overlook strategic vantage points. The transparent and curved facades spans from the ground … Continue reading

ALOHA // 7th July 2012

Dating from the 1930’s – 1950’s, the Hawaiian aloha shirts have become highly collectible, perceived by many lovers as a form of art unique to America and the islands of Hawaii. With the great influx of U. S. service personnel in Hawaii headed interest in the Hawaiian shirt boomed as When sailors, marines or GI … Continue reading

I HEART CADILLAC // 2nd August 2012

Among the many trends in United States, the one that consists in disposing old vehicles half in the ground. In Texas, on Interstate 4 between Plant City and Tampa, eight silver Airstream mobile trailers are shoved into the soil, tilting eastward like dominoes. The creator of this installation is Frank Bates and he called his … Continue reading