ETCHED IN FLESH // 30th October 2012

When beginning a conventional tattoo apprenticeship, fruit is often the practice surface before skin. Thus, New York based painter and tattoo artist Amanda Wachob created “Fruit”, a photographic series of tattooed blood oranges and pomegranates. Taking her inspiration from the work of the abstract expressionists, Wachob used her needle to further develop her artistic practice. … Continue reading

ALWAYS THE SUN // 25th October 2012

UNStudio – an architecture bureau with offices in Amsterdam, Shanghai and Hong Kong – has recently completed Haus am Weinberg, a house situated on the outskirts of Stuttgart. The Haus am Weinberg structure reflects the strata of the nearby vineyard. But that’s not all:“The Haus am Weinberg adopts a stereovisual spatial effect, acting almost as … Continue reading

WORKS OF NATURE // 23rd October 2012

“Iceland is a wonderful country; I would even say that it is a true paradise for all the photo shooting-lovers. But what has become a real discovery for me is the bird’s eye view of the rivers flowing along the black volcanic sand. It is an inexpressible combination of colors, lines, and patterns. The photo … Continue reading

TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL // 18th October 2012

In Julian Germain‘s new ‘Classroom Portraits series’, the British photographer has captured the essence of classes around the world. The artist started his series in 2004 in North-East England and then extend his concept to schools in North and South America, Europe and Asia. Germain’s work is nothing like your typical and traditional class photo. … Continue reading

STAR LIGHT STAR BRIGHT // 16th October 2012

Maharajah Jai Singh II of Jaipur built five astronomical observatories between 1727 and 1734 in his native territory of west central India. Called “Jantar Mantars”, these observatories consist of multiple buildings of unique form, each with a specialized function for astronomical measurement. This architecture has captivated the attention of architects, artists, and art historians world … Continue reading

ROCKS THAT ROCK // 11th October 2012

The Ennedi plateau in Ennedi desert is located in the north-east of Chad, one of the most inaccessible area of the Sahara. Travelling there is difficult and dangerous due to the country’s poverty, lack of tourist facilities, political unrest, and highway banditry. But it’s so worth the trip: the region is full of interesting sandstone … Continue reading

100 YEARS OF MENSWEAR // 9th October 2012

This book draws the history of men’s fashion from 1900 through the present. More than 380-pages dedicated to one hundred years of menswear, showing the variations and changes since the start of the 20th century through the modern designs of Yohji Yamamoto and Paul Smith. 100 Years of Menswear details various movements in men’s fashion … Continue reading

PEACEFUL MOUNTAIN // 4th October 2012

You know how much we love luxury retreat in the middle of nowhere… We found a new one that might interest you. Named “Amangiri” (“peaceful mountain”), this resort stretches on 600 acres in Canyon Point, Southern Utah, close to the border with Arizona. Tucked into a valley with sweeping views towards the Grand Staircase – … Continue reading

NINE INCH NAILS // 2nd October 2012

I agree: it can look a litte bit like a boring day at office. But one has to admit these nail designs are nothing like your old dactilo typing fingertips. Each of them is a world of its own, a story told. Sure, some are more comfortable for every day life than others, but I’m … Continue reading