PAPER PLANES // 29th November 2012

Peter Callesen was certainly a very creative student, always folding pages to build paper planes. The Danish artist still makes paper products by folding sheets of paper. His three dimensional sculptures are each made by cutting a single sheet and using only the removed paper to create figures or buildings. These sheets can be as … Continue reading

LIVING DESIGN // 27th November 2012

The line between design and sculpture can be very thin. Bert Loeschner has modified a series of plastic chairs using heat. The result is visually striking though the pieces of furniture have no more concern for functionality or comfort. This hands-on project is about the ‘infamous garden chair’ and its role in design culture. Named … Continue reading

SOAP OPERA // 22th November 2012

Jupiter pictures taken from a space ship? Well, not exactly. These planetary images are to good to be true. They look like Jupiter gas-giants with swirling hurricanes, but actually they are only common soap bubbles. Commissioned by magazine Creative Review, photographer Jason Tozer made these using Sony’s Alpha 350 DSLR camera. The shoot came about … Continue reading

HIDE AND SEEK // 20th November 2012

Jakub Szczesny says he has built the world’s narrowest house. And indeed, his construction is thin: just 122 centimetres across. The Polish architect’s house is squeezed into an alleyway formed between a pre-World War II house and a modern apartment at Chlodna 22 Street and Zelazna 74 Street in the centre of Warsaw. Called the … Continue reading

DOG DAYS ARE NOT OVER // 15th November 2012

Today is the day the website Architecture for Dogs goes live. The platform shows a series of structures built for man’s best friend based on the philosophy of DIY. Behind this is Kenya Hara, the famous Japanese graphic designer, curator and art director of Muji since 2001, the same Hara who also designed the opening … Continue reading

EAT THIS // 13th November 2012

“For over 35 years, Phoenix, Arizona has been my home. For much of my adult life, photography has provided me a forum to communicate my past & present, my humor & concerns, my observations & explorations. It has undeniably changed the way I see the world; how I look at individuals, places, or objects. Although … Continue reading

ICE ICE BABY // 8th November 2012

Montreal-based artist Shelley Miller is known for using edible icing to ornate city walls with decorative patterns. You could call it graffiti, but it wouldn’t illustrate well enough the technique the artist has become a master in. Shelley Miller’s installations, sculptures and public works have been exhibited across Canada as well as India and Brazil. … Continue reading

THIS IS NOT A PENCIL // 6th November 2012

Using pencil that she has glued together and sanded, artist Jessica Drenk creates sculpture inspired by nature. “By transforming familiar objects into nature-inspired forms and patterns, I examine how we classify the world around us, she comments. Manufactured goods appear as natural objects, something functional becomes something decorative, a simple material is made complex, and … Continue reading

HANDS UP // 1st November 2012

Is there anything an artist could do to change a bad geopolitical situation? Artist Pedro Reyes from Mexico has been using weapons in art since 2008, turning the death engine into something more lyrical to address the crime rates in his native country. “Imagine”, one of his latest project consists of a set of 50 … Continue reading