99 LUFTBALLONS // 31st December 2012

Tatton Park is a piece of land in Northwest England – a 16th-century estate – inhabited since the Iron Age. Last fall, the park hosted its third biennial, an event that gathered emerging artists around the theme flight. French artist Olivier Grossetete created a poetic installation, a bridge to nowhere called Pont de Singe (“Monkey … Continue reading

CARJACKING // 24th December 2012

“I invade the false privacy of the inside of the vehicles that drive alonga big city in the most violent photographic way, showing the audiencea reality altered by the same media that represents it.” This is how Spanish photographer Oscar Monzòn explains his project titled “Sweet Car”. The series is made of voyeuristic portraits of … Continue reading

STRANGE PLAYGROUND // 17th December 2012

Every image is manipulation. German artist Robert Rickhoff takes this thought way forward as he changes details in the pictures he takes. Small things, almost imperceptible things that can change reality. Or the way we see reality. In this special work, the artist challenges our basic assumptions about public spaces and architecture. At first glance, … Continue reading

GOOD OLD DAYS // 10th December 2012

Liu Xianping knows how to strike a pose. He learnt very quickly to become a model when his granddaughter ask him to help her sell her clothes. Since his photographs went online, the 72-year-old Chinese man has become something of an internet sensation. Liu Xianping’s granddaughter is one of five recent college grads who created … Continue reading

GREEN UP // 3rd December 2012

Built on an elevated 1.45-mile section of an abandoned railway line called the West Side Line, the High Line in New York City is a mile long garden park which runs along the lower west side of Manhattan. Local architectural lovers Joshua David and Robert Hammond began to discuss on the future of the High … Continue reading