WHAT HE SEES IS WHAT YOU GET // 28th January 2013

Remember the thing with clouds that look like an elephant or an ice-cream in the sky? It seems French street artist OakOak has the same power of abstraction when he takes a walk in his native city of St Etienne. He looks at street objects, signs and other fixtures and then turned them into humorous … Continue reading

A HELL OF A RIDE // 21st January 2013

For his first exhibition at Galleria Continua in Tuscany (Italy), artist Ai Weiwei has created an installation made of 760 bicycles stacked on top of each other. The Chinese attached together hundreds of bicycles creating a massive architectural structure that can be physically explored. The exhibition consisting of several other sculptures, photographs and videos by … Continue reading

SKY HIGH // 14th January 2013

It is worth US$1.6 million. And what do you get for such a price? Europe’s highest suspension bridge. This sky high walk of fame has just opened to the public at Engelberg, a popular ski destination in Switzerland. 100-meter long, the Titlis Cliff Walk hangs along a section of Mount Titlis. It has been built … Continue reading

MOON PHASES // 7th January 2013

Paul Roden and Valerie Lueth are husband and wife plus a team of artists working together. The thing they master in is the creation of woodcut prints and illustrations. Named Tugboat Printshop, their our collaborative projects in printmaking has seen the births of so many magnificent woodcut prints. Handmade excellence is what gives to their … Continue reading