BY THE SEA // 27th May 2013

This house doesn’t look like a modest piece of architecture although it has been built on a very tight budget. A small amount of money that forced the architects – Isern Associats in Barcelona – to be very creative in order to solve the problems due to the very steep piece of land on which … Continue reading

UP IN AIR // 20th May 2013

The Sky Whale is a very special hot-air balloon, commissioned for the centenary of canberra and conceived by s Sierra Leonean artist Patricia Piccinini. Instead of wings, the artist has imagined huge udders that might contain the gas of the giant flying sculpture, as well as a huge bulbous body. The project started with a … Continue reading

TIE THE KNOT // 13th May 2013

Summer is almost here and with it art installation in public spaces. This is the case in New York with “Red, Yellow and Blue” a large-scale installation by the City-based artist Orly Genger. An installation that consists of three wavy walls made from 1.4 million-square-feet of nautical rope. A rope that has been first dyed … Continue reading

ICE AGE // 6th May 2013

Located on the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia, this ice cave looks surreal. The tunnel measures about one kilometer long and is the result of a hot water spring flowing beneath the ice fields on the flanks of the Mutnovsky volcano. In recent years, the Kamchatka glaciers have been melting. Which has made the roof of … Continue reading