CLONE WARS // 24th June 2013

Rä di Martino is an Italian photographer based in New York. A few years ago, he discovered the ruins of the sets of Star Wars and The English Patient near Chott el Djerid in Tunisi on Google Maps and immediately decided to go there to see it with his own eyes. So, he travelled to … Continue reading

HUNGRY ? // 17th June 2013

[youtube: Mechanical engineer Anjan Contractor and his company Systems & Materials Research Corporation have just received the “go for it” – plus a $125,000 grant – from NASA to conceive a “universal food synthesizer” for 3-D-printed food. And your pizza will only be some clicks away… for real… Well almost as it would only be … Continue reading

DANCE THE NOODLE DANCE // 10th June 2013

Almost every country has its own special dance. Take Brazil and Samba. Or Argentina and Tango. Well, as you might – or might not – know in China, they have among many ways to shake it on the dancefloor their typical Noodle Dance. A dance that anyone can experience at any restaurant of the Chinese … Continue reading

SO OLD // 3rd June 2013

Unearthed near the Chinese town of Fukang in 2000, the Fukang meteorite is believed to be 4.5 billion years old. Which is as ancient as Earth itself. This very special and very old meteorite is called a pallasite. Its specificity: it’s a translucent golden crystals of a mineral called olivine embedded in a silvery honeycomb … Continue reading