WOODEN HERO // 4th January 2016

The best way to start the year is to honor Batman, of the stars of 2016. French artist Monsieur Plant, aka Christophe Guinet, in collaboration with Warner Bros. and the Splendens Factory, created a Batman wooden costume and mask. The artist compares the tree bark to the superhero’s costume as being a thin layer on … Continue reading

COLOURED NATURE // 9th November 2015

With his latest work , famous Swiss born artist Ugo Rondinone explores once again natural phenomena and their reformulation in art. He presented 3 new series and 3 different forms of art entitled “Clouds + Mountains + Waterfalls” The “Clouds” series are large canvases painted in fine gradations of sky blue. Rondinone stated “they form … Continue reading

WINE ART // 21th September 2015

When Wine meets Art. A winery Cave “Fin Bec” in Switzerland helds an art and wine event called myFINBEC every year since 2012. The cave proprietor Yvo Mathier, has a passion for wine as well as art, and has created an event that brings both of these passions together as one experience. For the first … Continue reading

CLOUD CITY // 14th September 2015

At the 2015 Art Basel edition, one of the most shared pieces of art is without any doubt Tomàs Saracerno Molecular work. The piece he presented are a declination of his famous Cloud City installation which was first presented in 2010 and in 2012 on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New … Continue reading

DIGITAL HEALING // 17th August 2015

Us based artist Brian Kane decided to make Boston’s commuters life a bit more joyful. Using the latest technology, Brian replaced the usual ads displayed on billboards by amazing digital images to complete the scenery like a trompe-l’oeil. The idea is to patch the ugly reality with the beauty of nature. A dynamic motion parallax … Continue reading

THREADS // 10th August 2015

The collective group Toki, consisting of architects Toluwalase Rufai and Khai Grubbs, invaded the top floor of an abandoned building near the Rhode Island Metro station in Washington D.C. for their latest installation. ‘Synth’ aims at expressing sounds in three dimensions through yarn threads in order to alter the perception of public spaces. With the … Continue reading

GHOSTS OF ELLIS ISLAND // 06th July 2015

Internationally renowned French artist JR and legendary comic book artist Art Spiegelman have collaborated on a new book, The Ghosts of Ellis Island. The book is part of JR’s latest project “Unframed – Ellis Island,” a series of photographs JR pasted throughout the historic immigration hub, accompanied by drawings by Mr. Spiegelman that depict the … Continue reading


Last April, Chile’s Calbuco volcano erupted for the first time since 1972, emitting an ash plume that rose to an estimated 40,000 feet in the air. Martin Heck, German filmmaker behind Timestorm Films, was on site to capture the spectacular eruption and released few weeks ago this stunning 4K time-lapse. A magnificent and terrifying video … Continue reading

BATMAN POP ART // 15th June 2015

Renowned for its “Starry Knight”, a mashup of Van Gogh’s masterpiece and a Joker scene from The Dark Knight, artist Vartan Garnikyan strikes again with new paintings combining his passion for iconic classical art and his love of the Caped Crusader. The result – famous paintings transformed into Batman Pop Art. Thus, “American Gothic” of Grant Wood … Continue reading

DESCENSION // 1st June 2015

Four years after the huge success of his “Leviathan” in the Grand Palais (Paris) which gathers more than 277 600 visitors, British-Indian artist Sir Anish Kapoor is back with a new exhibition titled “Descension”. Currently being held at Galleria Continua in San Giminagno (Italy), the exhibition engages visitors in personal reflection about the perception of the … Continue reading