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WOODEN HERO // 4th January 2016

The best way to start the year is to honor Batman, of the stars of 2016. French artist Monsieur Plant, aka Christophe Guinet, in collaboration with Warner Bros. and the Splendens Factory, created a Batman wooden costume and mask. The artist compares the tree bark to the superhero’s costume as being a thin layer on … Continue reading

MAPPED VOLCANO // 21th December 2015

Just after the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull erupted in 2010, French artists ANTIVJ did a mapping installation, a painting with layer of projected light.

FROM ANALOGUE TO DIGITAL // 7th December 2015

  Ireland born artist Michael Craig-Martin latest exhibition is actually his first solo show in a London public institution since 1989. Showcased at the Serpentine Gallery, the exhibition brings together works from 1981 to 2015, including Michael Craig-Martin’s era-defining representations of once familiar yet obsolete technology; laptops, games consoles, black-and-white televisions and incandescent lightbulbs that … Continue reading

COLOURED NATURE // 9th November 2015

With his latest work , famous Swiss born artist Ugo Rondinone explores once again natural phenomena and their reformulation in art. He presented 3 new series and 3 different forms of art entitled “Clouds + Mountains + Waterfalls” The “Clouds” series are large canvases painted in fine gradations of sky blue. Rondinone stated “they form … Continue reading

BACK TO THE PRESENT // 21st October 2015

The long awaited day has finally arrived. Today, on October 21st 2015, we are celebrating Back to the Future day. In the second movie from the famous trilogy of the 80’s, Marty and Doc travel to the future on today’s date. And this is how the movie director envisionned the future. Now we are in … Continue reading

FLOATING // 5th October 2015

  This house located in Queensland, Australia, was constructed so as to float among the trees and is made mostly out of concrete. ‘The Edge floating villa” with its unique shape offers open spaces and a wraparound swimming pool. It is safe to say that the incredible house is “edgy”, in both senses. The villa … Continue reading

NASA GRAPHICS // 28th September 2015

Designers Jesse Reed and Hamish Smyth are to thank for the reissue of the NASA Graphics Standards Manual allowing us to own a piece of legendary design history. Originally designed in 1974 by Danne & Blackburn, and then rescinded by NASA in 1992, the hardcover version of the original is a way to celebrate the … Continue reading

WINE ART // 21th September 2015

When Wine meets Art. A winery Cave “Fin Bec” in Switzerland helds an art and wine event called myFINBEC every year since 2012. The cave proprietor Yvo Mathier, has a passion for wine as well as art, and has created an event that brings both of these passions together as one experience. For the first … Continue reading